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Bellows of Creation

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Giá thẻ ĐT: ₫33,000.00

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Các bạn đang thực hiện mua item dota 2 tại trang web bán hàng dota2tradevn.com

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HCM: 0168-5959-404 (Minh)

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Used By: Elder Titan The Elder Titan studies the jagged pieces of his broken world, his bellows ready to stoke the spirit forge that might reshape the fragments—to return them to the one true form. With only one chance to try his hand, and oblivion awaiting his creation should he meet with failure, the Elder Titan's measurements are well considered.

Additional Information

Giá thẻ ĐT: ₫33,000.00
Hero Elder Titan
Rarity Immortal
Quality Standard
Release Date: May 14, 2017
Color No
Effect No

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